As Next Generation Plastics strives to meet customer demands and reduce waste, they have diversified its service offering by adding Toll Processing. Next Generation Plastics’ toll processing services enable plastics manufacturers to recapture the value of the materials they use through closed-loop recycling that turns industrial plastic scrap into usable recycled regrind or pellets. This process allows manufacturers to turn their plastic scraps into a high-quality form that you can put back into the production stream. Below are a few reasons why Next Generation Plastics added toll processing to their service offering. 

Meeting Varied Customer Needs
One of the reasons Next Generation Plastics has added toll processing to its list of many services is to meet the needs of its customers. By offering customized processing solutions, NGP can cater to clients with unique product requirements, which in turn, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reducing Waste and Costs
Toll processing can help companies optimize their operations by efficiently utilizing resources and minimizing waste. NGP can reduce their overall production costs and pass on the benefits to their customers, which can make them more competitive in the market.

Enhanced Competitive Edge
By offering a broader range of services, Next Generation Plastics positions itself as a comprehensive solution provider in the plastics industry. This increases their appeal to potential clients and strengthens their competitive advantage.

Market demands and industry trends are constantly evolving. Diversification into toll processing services makes NGP more adaptable to changes, allowing them to pivot and adjust their offerings to meet emerging needs. This flexibility is vital for long-term success and industry relevance.

Customer Loyalty
Offering a broader range of services fosters stronger customer relationships and loyalty. Clients who can obtain multiple services from a single provider are more inclined to stay with that provider over the long term.

In the plastic manufacturing industry, diversifying with toll processing services is a strategic move that can lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, reduction of waste, enhanced competitive edge, adaptability, and customer loyalty. Next Generation Plastics has already set a positive example of how this innovative approach can pay off. If you’re ready to begin your toll processing journey, give Next Generation Plastics a call at 330-668-1200 or email at [email protected].